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Multiple Backup Sources in Single Job

MRun :

Sep 27, 2017


I was testing the trial to see if it fits my backup needs and the only thing that keeps me from buying is that I can't seem to include multiple folders in different partitions in one single backup job the problem is that I need to keep this NAS powered off and awakened just once a week for one backup job and then shut it down
I'm using Pre and Post scripts to wake and shutdown the NAS after backup finishes

I tried a workaround that I'm already using for SAMBA/Network Sharing by mirroring all partitions inside one folder but bvckup will not see these mirrored partitions as folders from the parent folder it has to go inside each mirrored location to read the files inside

So do you think there is any solution to this?


gshergold :

Sep 27, 2017

Might want to take a look at using the Queuing options:

You could setup a job queue, containing the following Jobs.
  Job A:     - execute power-up script for NAS
                  - backup files in first partition.
  Job B:      - starts after Job A completes, backup files on 2nd partition.
  Job C:      - starts after Job B completes, backup files on 3rd partition.
Job Final: - Starts after previous job, Backup  files on final partition.
                  - Execute NAS power down script.

I think this will work for what your describing.


MRun :

Sep 27, 2017

That seems to be a good solution I will set everything up on trial then I will get a license

Thank You

Alex Pankratov :

Sep 27, 2017

+1 to what Greg has suggested.

Alternatively, you can drive the whole sequence from a script -

1. Have it power up NAS
2. Have it kick off all backups
3. Then it will sit there and wait for all backups to complete like
4. Power down the NAS

Basically, a variation of [1] but with NAS power-up at the top and NAS power-down instead of "shutdown /s" at the bottom.


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