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Wait after change detected

chris2 :

Aug 07, 2017

I would like to wait some time (e.g. 24 hours) after a change was detected BEFORE backup is started.

In continuous mode with 24 hours interval Bvackup 2 seems to make the backup as soon as detected (with 4 seconds delay) and then waits e.g. 24 hours until the file is updated the next time.

Reason for wish: If several files are changed several times and I shut down the computer after 12 hours, my backup contains the newest versions of files changed only once and old versions of files changed more then once. Result: Backup is inconsistent, contains of "old" and "new" versions which might lead to problems, e.g. if a Thunderbird profile consisting of several files working together.

Work around could be not continous backup with 24 hours interval but schedules backup with 24 hours interval. Unfortunately, interrupted scheduled backups (due to WLAN downtime) do not restart when network is available again - network destignation is not monitored in the scheduled mode.

What would you propose?

Alex Pankratov :

Aug 08, 2017

You can set the delay between detecting changes and the actual backup. This option will be behind "Edit details" next to "Backup Settings > Backup When > Real-time" option.

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