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Restore a fully consistent version of a directory structure in a point in time

smallbrain :

Aug 01, 2017

Hello. I'm using the archive function in Bvckup2 and i use it to backup my Thunderbird Mail Store Directory. During using Thunderbird over days or weeks many different files would be changed by Thunderbird. These changed files would be backed up and archived (if needed) by Bvckup2.
Now say, i have to go back in time and restore my Mail Store Directory to 1 week in the past. How can i restore a fully consistent point in time version of the Directory? Because there are many (many!) different named archived version of many different files in the archive.

Is this possible? Or must i change the way i backup such Directories so that they always be copied in full with all data in it?

Hope i explained it clear. If not, please ask?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Alex Pankratov :

Aug 01, 2017

Is this possible?

While the archival of modified files is supported of Bvckup 2, it's not a first-class (main) feature. Restoring from the archive to a specific point in the past *is* possible, but it will translate into a fairly tedious manual process when you have lots of changes on every run.

If you want to maintain an archive of your source data _snapshots_, a better option is to rotate your destination directory using a pre-backup script, like this -

smallbrain :

Aug 02, 2017

Hello. Thank you for your answer. I asked only to be sure. I have solved this problem in a similar manner, not with rotate the destination but with a zipping script this way:

1) Bvckup2 mirror job scheduled as needed.
2) a prebackup script as you mentioned. This script does
2a) check for ZIP-Arch's of this folder older than 120 days (configurable) an delete the older ones
2b) Create a New ZIP of the folder with a name like []. I use 7-zip command line for that.

If you want the script please ask and tell me where to send it.

Thanks again.

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