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Multiple connection accounts with Windows (workaround)

gshergold :

Jul 30, 2017

This seems to be a fairly common issue, but wasn't able to find a very stable solution/workaround in my searches.

This is what I have done as a work around for the limitations on Windows with using multiple accounts to connect to different share on the same server.

As we know, in Microsoft's infinite wisdom, they are allowing only one connection account to be used per server, citing security as the reasoning for this.

In my setup, I have a NAS device to where each of my backups are stored. I have three separate shares (daily, weekly and Monthly) with separate accounts for each shares. The reasoning is I want to keep each backup container isolated as best can be on a single NAS device, for hopefully some additional protection from any of the crypto/network corrupting malware/virus.

I then have Bvckup2 (in service mode) scheduled to run different daily, weekly and monthly file backups. The catch I was running into is, windows doesn't like connecting of there is already a connection to that server name (note I say "server name" and not server).

Windows doesn't let us connect to different shares on the same named device under different users. So needless to say, my strategy was blown out of the water. I did play around with the pre and post backup commands (doing a "net use * /delete /y") in hopes to make it work - it was just too unreliable.

So the work around (not the best way, but it does work). Using an entry in your DNS (or your hosts file) will trick windows into thinking that it is a different server name, even though it is physically the same server/NAS.

So in my hosts file I've added: Bkup_weekly Bkup_monthly Bkup_daily

Adjusted the Bvckup2 destination properties to use the name specified in the host file to access the particular share. Since ultimately it will be \\Bkup_weekly\Backup_Weekly\[computername]\           or
\\Bckup_monthly\Backup_Monthly\[computername]\     or

Windows view's each of these as a "different server" in name (despite it being the same physical NAS device(, and therefore, a different connection account can be used for each.

Downside is that it can be difficult to manage especially since it is potentially an individual machine specific change that needs to be made. With a customized DNS/WINS server, it can at lease be managed centrally.

I'm sure there are other workarounds that other have used, and I would love to hear what others have done.


Alex Pankratov :

Jul 31, 2017

Thanks for sharing, Greg. Excellent write-up!

gshergold :

Aug 31, 2017

Thanks for the kind words Alex!

Just an update on the work around, since I originally posted, it has ran flawlessly without any issues on both my home and small business network.

I absolutely love Bvckup - it is tight, fast, and simply, it just works really great. Thanks for all the great work you've put into this Alex - it is greatly appreciated!


Alex Pankratov :

Aug 31, 2017

Thanks for the kind words, Greg. Very kind :)

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