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can it run a run backup when usb hdd inserted automatically ?

mihai :

May 27, 2017

     Is it possible to have a backup run automatically when an usb hdd is connected to the computer ?

mihai :

May 27, 2017

   I see on the frontpage there is something called " Device tracking
Pin a backup to a specific removable device so that it will be run only when this device is present."
   How is this supposed to be configured ?

Froggie :

May 27, 2017

If you're set up for "When files & folders are modified, in real time," the backup task will engage as soon as you plug the device in.  If you're set up for periodic backup AND you have the "Run as soon as it becomes possible" setting checked, if will run upon plug-in if you're late with the schedule.

When using Device Tracking, you may track by LABEL or by FINGERPRINT.  If you click on the li'l PIN located next to your Backup TO & FROM specifications, you'll be offered the tracking option to set up.  The FINGERPRINT is a specific hardware device only and the LABEL can be any device with that particular label.

Alex Pankratov :

May 28, 2017

What Froggie said.

Device tracking -
Run as soon as possible -

Also, starting with 78.9, a job can be run on device arrival:

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