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Copying bvckup profile to another computer

nifty721 :

May 26, 2017

Hi Alex,

I'm using Bvckup 2 in Denver to create a local mirror of a network folder in LA.  There are 435,000 files (most of them tiny files) totalling ~250GB, and my bandwidth is capped at 1 MB/s. Before I ran Bvckup, the source and destination were identical (except the "create" time stamp was funky on the destination).  When I finally ran Bvckup, it took a lot of time to initially setup the backup and correct the timestamps. (for example, the "Retrieving file IDs..." phase ran at about 1 file per second...). Subsequent runs of Bvckup are quick.

Now, two of my coworkers (one in the Bay Area, one in Boston) would like to do the same thing (mirror the same network folder in LA to a local drive). Is there a way to send them a copy of my local mirror as well as Bvckup configuration data in order to speed up the initial run of Bvckup?


Alex Pankratov :

May 26, 2017

Do they have a copy in place already?

If they do, then you can speed things up by eliminating the file ID retrieval step, which is done by disabling "move/rename detection" in Backup Settings > More Options. IDs are used for _rename_ detection, so technically you can disable just that and leave _move_ detection enabled. Let me know if you want to know the details.

If they don't, then the fastest option would probably be fedex'ing them a copy of your copy + a zip with bvckup2's configuration (Menu > Help > Export Configuration) on a portable drive.

Upon receiving this, they will need to install Bvckup2, create a job to clone the data from the drive into its permanent location and then restore the configuration from the zip. Finally, they most likely will need to patch up the Backup To path in backup's settings and say NO to a question of whether to reset the delta copying state.

nifty721 :

May 27, 2017

This is perfect. I was planning to send them a copy of my local copy. And your steps listed here to copy the configuration are super helpful.

Also, good tip about the ID retrieval step. Without that step, the procedure is many orders of magnitude faster. I need to keep this in mind for next time.

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