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MoveFileEx() failed with 123 - essentially too long path

komarEX :

Apr 18, 2017


I really like Bvckup 2, great software but there is one thing that doesn't work for me because of certain circumstances.

I backup my files to encrypted samba share (on Synology). When you use encrypted volume your maximum path shortens to "For English the limit is 143 while for Asian the limit is 43 characters."
Because of that my certain files are either not created at all (fails with for ex. CreateDirectory() failed with 123) or they cannot by moved because the destination path is too long (MoveFileEx() failed with 123).

I wondered if there is anything that can be done apart of manually deleting files from destination and rescan (in case of MoveFileEx() error).
If above was done automagically by Bvckup if would be great (can't move to archive then just delete).

Alex Pankratov :

Apr 19, 2017

I take all these errors are in the context of archiving deleted items?

If so, there is a couple of things you can do to shorten the paths -

1. You can use a custom name for the $Archive folder. Something like just "A", so it will add just 2 symbols to the path. This is controlled by the following entry in backup's settings.ini -

        conf.archive      ...

Make sure to exit the app before manually changing any INI from the app's config, because INI files are read only on launch and re-created on exit and in run-time. To locate settings.ini for the job - right-click on the job in main list and select Open Folder > Configuration & Logging

2. You can prevent bvckup2 from adding (date/time) to the archived items names. This is done by clearing the following variable in settings.ini -


If you've enabled archiving of _modified_ files, then you will also need to clear


Obviously, this will set you up for potential name collisions when a file is deleted, re-created and deleted again at source. If you need a workaround for this, let me know.

All in all though... "For English the limit is 143 while for Asian the limit is 43 characters." - ouch, that's quote a bit of restriction.
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