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Upcoming licensing changes

Alex Pankratov :

Oct 10, 2016

The following is an extract from an August 2016 issue of Bvckup 2 newsletter, it gives a brief overview of the changes we'll be making to the product licensing a bit later this year:

At the moment there are Personal and Professional licenses. The principal difference is that Personal cannot be used for anything work-related, and secondary difference is in advanced features support (running as a service, Windows Server installations, etc.)

The change will be to a 3-tier model comprising Basic, Pro and Server licenses.

Basic will be based on Personal license with several advanced-use features turned off, including support for service mode, security attributes copying and email alerts.

Pro will be based on Professional license, beefed up with parallel copying, backup queuing control, bandwidth control, etc. Backup verification and SMART monitoring will also be a part of new Pro.

Finally, a Server license will be required to run the app on Windows Server platforms.

–  Should I start worrying then?
–  No

Existing Personal and Professional licenses will remain fully operational and they will be functionally equivalent to the new Pro. Existing Professional licenses will also allow running the app on Windows Servers, no questions asked.

In other words, we will be supporting all 5 license types, but only three new ones will be available for purchase.


The original time frame was "within a couple of months" from August 2016 (the mailing list announcement).

Shortly, the date was pushed forward to November-December 2016.

It was then further delayed through the entire 2017 and it is currently scheduled for Q1 2018. We are beefing up the program a bit to make the differences between Basic and Pro revisions more pronounced.

I will be posting full details few weeks prior to the switch and we'll send another newsletter to cover them as well.

Bamit :

Oct 10, 2016

Alex wrote: –  Should I start worrying then?

I don't want to worry, buy like most great software pioneers, they eventually grow. They begin to grow to a point where the once simple becomes complicated;  Kinda like an expanding licensing platform.

I remember Peter Norton.  He made great simple to use software and then....

Please don't take this statement of mine as a hindrance, as I wish you the greatest success.  I only express concern as I've witnessed so many greats over the years be bought out by big corporate giants, and then their products get ruined over time.  I hope that is not the case here.

Froggie :

Oct 10, 2016

I think the best offer for the corporation that they've received to date has been just a li'l over $47.30 USD... I don't think there's anything to worry about yet  :-)

Alex Pankratov :

Oct 11, 2016


I completely hear you on common software product evolution path. Been there many times and witnessed it first hand. But as you can probably see from how the app developed so far I am being very careful with keeping things simple, focused and fair.

Re: the licensing change:

The original idea was to try and differentiate on intended use, i.e. personal vs. non-personal. This works to a degree, but there are certain fundamental issues with the model. The most prominent one is a common and deep-rooted expectation that for extra $ one should get extra Functionality. Personal licenses were meant to be a heavily discounted option for one very specific usage type, with the Pro being a general master license. But over time it became obvious that lots of people just don't see it that way. Instead, they view personal licenses as *the* primary option regardless of its usage restriction.

So the planned change will re-align licensing options with general expectations - a more advanced license will allow for more advanced usage.

I think this should help straightening things a bit, but if it doesn't, we can roll the change back and try something else. I've been saying from the start that this project was one big experiment, so nothing's set in stone.

JeffB :

Nov 09, 2016

I'm a new user (just purchased this past weekend, actually), and I'm curious what this would mean to me...
I purchased the "Personal" license, as I didn't particularly need the program to run as a service, I'm not using it for any sort of business purposes, and I'm not running it on a server.
However, the features planned for the upcoming Pro version are what I would be purchasing, personally.
I don't mind paying some sort of upgrade fee, but I don't necessarily have to buy a whole new version in the next month...

Froggie :

Nov 09, 2016

Jeff, this quote from above should answer your question...

"Existing Personal and Professional licenses will remain fully operational and they will be functionally equivalent to the new Pro. Existing Professional licenses will also allow running the app on Windows Servers, no questions asked."

Your current "Personal" license will be treated just as a new "Pro" license would be after the licensing change.

You should be good to go...

Alex Pankratov :

Nov 09, 2016

Precisely. Jeff, you are all set as is.

JeffB :

Nov 09, 2016

Not sure how I overlooked that, but thanks!

112233 :

Nov 12, 2016

Is it really a good idea to keep parallel copying from the basic license?
Isn't this a feature that will improve the speed of many backups significantly?
If so, I would think you would want all Bvckup users to have it, as speed (along with reliability) is the main attraction of Bvckup.

Will there be an option to upgrade from one license to another and only pay the price difference?

Alex Pankratov :

Nov 14, 2016

Going backwards - yes, there will be an upgrade option to go from Basic to Pro, costing exactly the difference, not a penny more.

Re: restricting certain features to higher license tiers - Basic license is for getting things copied, Pro is for getting them copied faster and with more control.

Basic is still getting parallel scanning, delta copying, asynchronous IO, adaptive buffering, etc. -- that is, all performance-oriented features that are already in the app. However all *new* speed-related improvements will go into Pro. Does this make sense?

112233 :

Mar 10, 2017

"Existing Personal and Professional licenses will remain fully operational and they will be functionally equivalent to the new Pro."
I'm seeing an "Upgrade to Pro License" option in the Help menu on my installation.
Given my personal license is functionally the same as the Pro license, I think this menu option should not exist.

MWorthington :

Mar 10, 2017

How about "Upgrade to Pro License if you want the extra Pro Features otherwise you're just fine with Personal" :)

Alex Pankratov :

Mar 10, 2017

@112233 - this option is for those who is running under a personal license, but no longer complies with its restrictions of strictly at-home non-work use.

@MWorthington - this is coming up in R78.

112233 :

Mar 11, 2017

Thanks for the explanation.
It would be nice if it was explained better in Bvckup, or at least on the webpage it links to.
I certainly think anyone who hasn't been following Bvckup (on twitter, this forum, email, etc.), would not understand what the menu option is for.

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