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Portable Version?

JMD4ever :

Apr 23, 2016

I purchased this program earlier this year Feb 21 2016 to be precise. First let me say that having it has saved me time on more than one occasion.  These days with all the privacy concerns I like most people who know are not feeling very comfortable with windows having any knowledge of location of my software or data.  I am very interested in a portable version of Bvckup 2 that way there would be minimal windows integration.  

Alex Pankratov :

Apr 25, 2016

Bvckup 2 has minimal ties to Windows. It adds just two registry keys and that's it. All configuration is stored in a single folder and the app can be told to use custom folder location. In fact there are several ways to do that.

See this FAQ topic for details -

spitfire :

Jan 12, 2017

Have you considered distributing Bvckup using the PortableApps format?


Alex Pankratov :

Jan 16, 2017

I did, but it doesn't make _that_ much sense as the license is bound to a machine, meaning that a production version of Bvckup 2 doesn't support simultaneous multi-machine use.

OTOH, if you are merely after keeping its configuration data in a different folder, it's already supported as per above link.

highend :

May 31, 2019

From the post that describes the portable usage:

2.  You can create a file called redirect.ini in default config directory and then just put your configuration location as the first line of this file. If there are any environment variables in the location string, the app will expand them.

It would be fantastic if you could extend that scenario and allow us to place the redirect.ini file in the folder where the bvckup.exe file lies...

Alex Pankratov :

May 31, 2019

I understand where this is coming from, but to be blunt I don't think it's the right thing to do. Config data should not live next the binaries. It's basically a hacky thing to do.

If you need to tell the program to use a different config folder, the solution is to wrap that into a .bat (= another _executable_) and use it to launch the program with the required "-c <path>" argument.

highend :

May 31, 2019

In that case I either need to create a lot of bat files or always have to append the -c <path> on every command invocation. The supposed way isn't by design a bad choice, a whole lot of apps (that are portable) do it by placing a file (e.g. portable.dat) in the same folder and in the end it helps the user and that's what I'm after because the license is bound to the machine anyway...

Alex Pankratov :

Jun 02, 2019

In that case I either need to create a lot of bat files or always have to append the -c <path> on every command invocation

With your proposed solution you need to create a file there too (.ini), so I don't really see much of a difference.

highend :

Jun 02, 2019

Because we only need to do it once. Regardless if a backup profile changes or I need to create a new one or anything else. Just once...

Alex Pankratov :

Jun 02, 2019

Sorry, I don't follow.

Your redirect.ini will be


My bvckup2.bat will be

      bvckup2.exe -c X:\MyConfig

What am I missing?

Charlie54 :

Sep 08, 2019


You look for simple sexy solutions all the time.

It seems that a simple solution to do this would be that the program can look for a file called portable.dat and if it exists, it uses it's own directory for the config files.

That way, I can run command line backup jobs and not worry about launching the UI or worrying about the config files and job names not being found.

I just put the command in the scheduler and off I go.

When I re-format and update windows, I just backup my folder and  I will know that everything is inside.

I use Over 67 portable programs and I don't worry about none of the settings when i format because they are all portable. Hunting for folder settings for each one of them is not possible.

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