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MWorthington :

Mar 10, 2016

What does "Updating" really mean in the Log?

Copying and deleting are obvious, and maybe updating is pertinent to the delta-copying.

Sometimes I see many files being updated but there have been no changes to those files at all ....


Alex Pankratov :

Mar 11, 2016

"Updating" means that there is an existing backup copy of a source file in place. "Copying" means that there's not.

Updating covers the file contents, its time stamps and its attributes. If you expand a log entry, it will tell you what it is that is being updated exactly.

MWorthington :

Mar 12, 2016


I did look at the log, and it looked to me as the files had not be accessed or changed etc. Probably they'd been a folder name change (it looks like Bvckup 2 renames such changes rather than the cruder detail/copy the entire folder) so all files in the new folder were "updated".

Learning, slowly :)

Robert :

Oct 21, 2017

I noticed that the very small files in a fairly large backup (170k) started to be "updated". It obviosuly takes a while to go through the files which in my view and according to the log files have not been changed. Once it worked through these files, the backup starts again at the next scheduled opportunity.
I have not noticed this behaviour (which started approx. 3 weeks ago) before. Any advice?

Alex Pankratov :

Oct 24, 2017

according to the log files have not been changed.

Please show me a log excerpt. Right-click on the "Updating file xyz..." entry, select "Copy block to clipboard" and paste it here.

Robert :

Oct 25, 2017

Thanks for getting back to me.
The update to v78.10 was installed earlier and I haven't noticed this issue since. Not sure if there was anything in the update which might have addressed the issue. I will keep an eye on it and get back to you, if needed.

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