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How to get Bvckup to create new folder for daily backup?

enric1010 :

Nov 12, 2014

Is there anyway to get BVCKUP to create a new folder for each days backup ? I attempted to look but haven't found it.

pjb :

Nov 13, 2014

Can do something like this involving post-backup commands...

Alex Pankratov :

Nov 14, 2014

@enric1010 - Oh, my apologies, I thought I answered it.

The answer depends on what you'd like to accomplish.

If you want backup to go into a different folder for each day of the week - Monday, Tuesday, etc. - then there's a couple of options.

A set of 7 weekly backups

The simplest option is to create a backup, configure it as needed and then set it to run once a week, starting next Monday. For that you need to switch it to "Periodic" backup under "Backup When", click on "Edit details", set "Backup interval" to "1 week" and "First backup on" to the closest Monday.

Once this backup is created, you would then right-click on it and select "Clone...". This creates an exact replica of the original, so you just need to go and change the destination path (e.g. replace X:\Backups\Monday with X:\Backups\Tuesday) and change "First backup on" to a Tuesday.

Repeat 5 times for all other days.

Single backup with dynamically adjusted destination

If you'd prefer to keep it all in confines of a single backup job, then as @pjb mentioned you will need to cook up a pre-backup script.

The idea is to backup to a folder that is a *link* to a backup directory for the current day. That is, you'd configure your backup destination to be X:\Backups\Today and then have the pre-backup script re-point it dynamically to X:\Backups\Monday, Tuesday, etc.  Here's a script to do this -

To use it you will need to set backup's pre-backup command to

    set-todays-destination.bat X:\Backup\

You will also need to make sure to switch "Detecting changes" in the backup configuration to "Re-scan". This is really important.

Backup directory based on the current date

Replace this line in set-todays-destination.bat -

        set DST_TODAY=%1\%dow_name%


        for /f %%D in ('date /t') do set DST_TODAY=%1\%%D

and each of the backups will go into a folder with the current date as a name.

Backup directory based on the current date *and* time

Replace this line in set-todays-destination.bat -

        set DST_TODAY=%1\%dow_name%


        for /f %%D in ('date /t') do set DST_DATE=%%D
        for /f "delims=" %%T in ('time /t') do set DST_TIME=%%T
        set DST_TODAY=%1\%DST_DATE% %DST_TIME%

* Gotta love the eloquence of Windows command scripting.


Is this along the lines of what you are after?

PaulK :

Dec 09, 2014

Alex, in the second scenario, does that result in only one set of deltas?

Alex Pankratov :

Dec 11, 2014

Yes, it does indeed and it may (or may not) lead to a performance hit. Basically, if there's a file that is touched every day, it will be re-copied in full on the first run of each day.

jayray999 :

Jan 09, 2015

Can bvckup delete files in source folder after copying?

Alex Pankratov :

May 28, 2015

@jayray999 - no natively, no. But you can do that with a post-backup script. See here for details -

Huub :

Nov 25, 2015

Alex, thx I was looking for this. What should I put in 'BackUp to' should I there point to "X:\Backups\" ? And were should I put the 'set-todays-destination.bat' file, should I save it in X:\Backups\ ?
What to do with the 'When to backup' option ?

After I have set all this info I will get a backup with 1 complete Backup on Monday,  on Tuesday, till Sunday it will only store the new changed data in the day folder ? And on Monday it does a new complete backup, in the Monday folder ?

Alex Pankratov :

Nov 25, 2015

"Backup To" needs to be set to some location on your backup drive *outside of X:\Backups*, e.g. to something like X:\LastBackup

The .bat file needs to be saved somewhere (but outside of backup folders), e.g. you can save it in app's config folder - %LocalAppData%\Bvckup2\. Just don't forget to specify full path to the BAT file in post-backup command field (or otherwise the app won't be able to find and launch it).

"When to backup" setting is irrelevant, you can set it as needed.

Once everything is set up and you let it run for 7 days, you will have a set of 7 folders in X:\Backups - Monday, Tuesday, etc. - each of these being updated on its respective day of the week. Only the first ever update of each folder will be in full, all the rest will be just the changes accumulated since the last update (of this folder). Makes sense?

Huub :

Nov 25, 2015

Ok, but after in runs 7 days, the first ever update will be full and than the next updates for day 2 till 7 will they be emptied first, so only be updated with the new or adjusted files for that week ?

Alex Pankratov :

Nov 25, 2015

No, folders won't be emptied.

Imagine a set of 7 buckets, all are initially empty. Then you start the job and leave it alone for a year. On every Monday it will work with the first bucket, on every Tuesday - with the second, etc.

There's nothing special about Mondays, nor there's any difference between the first time it works with a Monday bucket and the 33rd time. It's always the same routine - look at the source, look at the backup, compile a list of differences and rectify them. The only special thing about the initial run for every bucket is that it'll be empty then so there'll be more for the app to do.

Huub :

Nov 25, 2015

Also, I was doing a test with this, when I start the backup, I see a dos screen hoping up, it contains ''Syntax: set-todays-destination.bat R:\Huub\Backup\Weekly"
Press any key to continue ... _
Nothing happens.. Am I missing something ?

Alex Pankratov :

Nov 25, 2015

What have you entered as the post-backup command in the job settings?

Huub :

Nov 25, 2015

Got it, I adjusted the in the bat file the code: echo "Syntax: set-todays-destination.bat <base-directory>" for  ''Syntax: set-todays-destination.bat R:\Huub\Backup\Weekly" this is wrong. I have to put in BvCKup 2 in the pre-backup command to  C:\set-todays-destination.bat R:\Huub\Backup\Weekly, now it works, thx!

Alex Pankratov :

Jan 12, 2016

I'm going to lock this topic and kindly ask everyone to continue over at the new one -
Topic is locked.

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