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zespri :

Mar 31, 2014

Hello I'm worried about licensing since I received this email talking about 5 activations.
As an IT person who re-installs his OS often and also uses a Virtual Box for scripted activities that get's re-provisioned often I'm worried that I run out of activations real soon.

I understand if the licensing model is one license per PC not per person - that would be understandable, but the number of activations actually breaks the whole deal for me.

Again, the email talked about the beta tester license, and if this activation limit only applies to the beta tester license that would be fine.

Could you please clarify if there is any activations limit on the released product purchased licenses?

Alex Pankratov :

Apr 01, 2014

If you re-install Windows, it changes just a part of your installation ID. In this case the system can see that the change was incremental and it re-issues the license, no questions asked - be it on a fresh install or after restoring from an existing config

If you are to move to a completely different box (or a VM), then you'll need to get in touch with support (i.e. me for now) and I will enable automatic re-activation manually. I am also planning to allow unconditional re-activation every 3-6 month, exactly to address the case of people reimaging their computers.

Beta testing licenses will not work with the production release. They will however serve as discount codes for purchasing production licenses (for the same installation).

Does this help clarifying the situation? Or is still muddy?

zespri :

Apr 01, 2014

Yes, this might just work. When Stardock still had the Impulse, they had some "lock-out" condition based on how many times you have activated in a time frame. I think the exact details were kept secret. This is mainly to prevent someone sharing their license code with the public that would lead in a lot of activations of the same code by multitude of people. Due to the way I use the pc I've hit their activation limit quite a few times, but everytime resolving this was just a matter of an email to stardock support and they would reset the code for me. It's a minor nuisance, but workable.

zespri :

Apr 01, 2014

I also can refer you to Linqpad licensing model here and

It also looks sane (haven't used the product though, so this is not from experience)

Alex Pankratov :

Apr 02, 2014

Yep, this sounds reasonable, but it'd be also nice to know how well it works :)

Spencer_Davey :

Jul 01, 2014

I just purchased 2 personal licenses. First of all can I say that this is a great bit of software, I'm really impressed. I'm more than happy to buy licenses. One licence is for my home server to make it back up to my NAS. The other is for my laptop to back up to the NAS.

I do have a question though - my use of my laptop PC involves frequent re-imaging, the use of a boot menu to choose between several similar windows installations on different partitions and lots of virtual machines.

I don't plan to use bvkup on any of my VMs, but at any time, I have between 2 and 4 different copies of my windows environment that I boot up in to. They all are based of the same "base build" of windows 7 x64 that I clone using symantec ghost to other partitions from a "virgin" ghost image. They have different versions of software that I test for my work (note, I'm only using bvkup to back up my documents from my laptop to my server at home, not a work server, so I only purchased a personal licence).

Can you clarify what you mean by: -
"If you re-install Windows, it changes just a part of your installation ID. In this case the system can see that the change was incremental and it re-issues the license, no questions asked - be it on a fresh install or after restoring from an existing config"

Does this mean that you look at (say) the MAC address of a network interface or something to identify the PC ? Or does it mean something else ?

See, on the laptop, without the hardware changing, I might have 3 or 4 different copies of windows running during the week. In a perfect world, I'll put bvkup on all of these images so no matter which one is active, I'll back up my data to the NAS.

I'll also be blowing away and restoring from an earlier image most of these installations every few months.

If the licensing is based on the MAC address or some other aspect of the hardware (say the CPU ID), then I'll have no issues. But if it's based on the windows activation or something else, then I worry that I'll have problems. If that's the case, I'll just probably only install bvkup on one of the partitions and make sure I boot up that one every few days at least.

Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide. Thanks again for creating an invaluable utility.
Kind regards,

Alex Pankratov :

Jul 02, 2014

Hi Spencer,

The installation ID is based on several things once including both hardware and OS variables. If you reinstall the OS, the ID changes, but the hardware portion of the ID remains the same, so the licensing server can re-issue the license automatically. On the other hand, if you move to a completely new hardware *and* a new Windows installation, then obviously nothing matches, so automatic re-licensing can't complete.

A bit more details on this is over here -

In any case, if you ever hit an issue with the licensing or need help sorting it out for your particular install - just drop me an email at It's all much simpler than it seems :)

Monica :

Oct 05, 2017

Hi everyone , I received an error " Licensing server response didn't make sense ' while entering valid licence key in activate license box , Please suggest me what could be the issue .

Alex Pankratov :

Oct 05, 2017

Most likely it's your antivirus or personal / perimeter firewall interfering with the licensing exchange. If you'd like, you can send a copy of your %LocalAppData%\Bvckup2\bvckup2.log to and we should be able to tell for sure.

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