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Errors: $DigestSymlink() failed with 12347

Zunzster :

Mar 26, 2021

Hi folks

Trying to backup my new laptop, I'm getting the above error on a bunch of files.

They are .swm files in Recovery and a Dell\SARemediation folder.
Googling around, I've determined they are part of Dell's SupportAssist OS Recovery function.

I've excluded them by folder for now but I wondered what the error indicated and if there was a cleaner way to exclude them.


Alex Pankratov :

Mar 27, 2021

This error means that the file is a symbolic link, but the location of link's target (what it's pointing at) is malformed. The exact location value should be logged as error's details.

Excluding these by folder is the only way for now. In the next release it'll be possible to exclude symlinks _before_ the program starts looking at their details (and runs into an error like you got).

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