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Not deleting existing files

Matthewlawson3 :

Aug 07, 2020

Hi, everyone! I have a question regarding deletion

I want a backup job to use an existing folder with image files already in it as the destination folder without having those files already in that destination folder be deleted when the backup job runs the first time or any time. I don't want the image files deleted just because they are not in the source folder.

I have a drive I plug in with a folder on it with older backup images already present and some of the images are not in the source folder for the backup. I want the program to not touch those older images, is this possible?

Thank you for your help!

Alex Pankratov :

Aug 08, 2020

It's possible, but this is inherently a hairy thing to do. Say, you had your backup set to put A,B and C into a folder that is shared with other programs.

One issue is what to do if there is an existing A, B or C there already.

Second issue is what to do if you exclude A from the backup - should the A in the backup be deleted? Expectations here will be different, so in some cases a Yes will make sense, but in others it'll be a No.

This is a fairly complicated topic, here's an older thread on it -


That said, you _can_ use a shared folder for backups IF you exercise due care and understand precisely what's being done to it by the program.

One option is just to disable the removal of backup copies via "Deleting" option in the Backup Settings. See there for details.

Another option is to use "destination filters" to trim the backup location index to match that of the source location. This effectively makes all other items in the backup folder invisible to the program, so it takes no action against them. See for details.

All in all, I would advise against using shared folders as backup targets.

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