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Multiple Source Folders in One Backup

Matthewlawson3 :

Aug 07, 2020

First of all, let me say that I have downloaded and am trying the program in  the free trial period and so far I am liking it! Very clean UI.

I do have one question, as a newbie! I have tried to search for this in the forum , but it may not be part of the program currently.

Is there a way to create a backup job where that one backup backs up two different folders, each folder in a different place on the hard drive, to a single destination folder?

Folder 1 is in the Program Files (x86)

Folder 2 is in the documents folder

and I want them to go into a single destination folder on another drive

Thanks for your help!

Alex Pankratov :

Aug 07, 2020

This is not something you can do with the program, at least not directly.

If you are really set on having a single job for two unrelated folders, one option would be to create a folder on the source side, add symlinks to your folder 1 and folder 2 there and then back up these (while also enabling "follow symlinks for folders" option in backup settings > more options).

Alternatively, just use two jobs, one for each folder.

Matthewlawson3 :

Aug 07, 2020

Thank you. So the program would then look at the symlinks and follow what they are pointing at and backup the actual folders and data included in them?

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