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hashnse :

Aug 02, 2020

Hi there,

I've been using a licensed copy of your software for a while for backing up folders from diferent units to my Synology NAS.  Each unit has a folder with the unit name on the back up similar to this:

original unit: F:\photos\2010 ---- backed up: synology_unit\F\photos\2010

Now i pretend to buy a new computer on wich i will be using new HDD with i suppose new unit names. In the new HDDs i will copy all the backed up files because their are part of my daily work (i'm a photographer)

What sould i do to keep using the same back up once i copied all to the new computer? I mean, the back up its like 3TB, but i think the new units will have different names and structure, but i want to keep the current back up in order to save time, but i dont know how to make it. I think this is what i need:

- Export the configuration of Backvp
- Move the license (i saw some forum instructions about that)
- With the new instalation of Backvp, make a new job to copy all the backup files to the new PC
- I cant see the next steps as my intention would be to keep using the back up files on the NAS. I can only imagine a proccess where i delete the NAS files and start a new job, but it will be double the work (first copying to the HDD on the PC, then copying to the NAS, when that files comes first from the NAS)

Hope you could help me!

Alex Pankratov :

Aug 03, 2020

You pretty much got it right.

1. Export the config
2. Install the program on a new machine
3. Import the config and disable all jobs for now (use Stop button)
4. Add a temporary job to copy files FROM the backup

    In theory you can use Windows Explorer to do that, but it's better to use
    a job, because copying with Explorer will cause "created" timestamps on
    files to be set to the current date/time.

5. Re-arrange files as needed.
6. Change backup jobs to match (i.e. repoint the Backup From to the new location). The program will ask if to reset the delta state - say No.
7. Enable backups (use Go button).

hashnse :

Aug 03, 2020

Great! It looks easier than i thought. I'll follow your instructions and if have any problem will report it. Thanks a lot.

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