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Working with "live" files

Jul 06, 2020


When the program is used to backup files that are in continuous use by other programs, it is possible that it will not see these files as modified even if they _were_ changed since the last backup run.

This has to do with how Windows manages _meta data_ on in-use files.

See this post for details -


In order to force the program "see" changes to the files, the following override can be used to tell it to re-query files' meta data:

        conf.scanning.src.requery_meta    <file-name-pattern>

For example,

        conf.scanning.src.requery_meta    *.txt
        conf.scanning.src.requery_meta    123*

will force the program to double-check size and timestamps for files with .txt extension and files with names starting with 123.

Keep in mind that this operation is expensive, because it requires opening a file and issuing several kernel requests. Use with due care.
See for how to add an override.

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