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Ethernet upload/download speed

ahogue :

Jun 23, 2020

I am uploading files to a private cloud on the Internet. My upload speed is about 30 Mbits/s which is perfect because it uses all the bandwidth. Good job.

But I also see the download speed to be the same? Why when uploading huge files to the cloud upload and download speed are high?

I understand the upload speed because I am uploading, but I do not understand the download speed. Do you download the data you just uploaded for verification?

Alex Pankratov :

Jun 23, 2020

Bvckup 2 doesn't upload/download anything. It operates at the file system level so it is merely writing/reading file system objects instead. This will obviously translate into a network activity for drives that front remote storage, but the program remains completely oblivious to this fact.

In terms of reads and writes - when copying files, the program issues no read requests for backup files. It issues write requests only.

It may do some light reading when _resuming_ a previously interrupted delta copying operation, but that's a rather exotic edge case and the amount of data read is limited.

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