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How to change the default swap directory used by Bvckup2

mack :

Jun 08, 2020

Hi ,

I am encountering

Loading destination snapshot ...
Swap file failure
File: C:\Users\<removed>\AppData\Local\Bvckup2\engine\backup-0002\~scanner-dst.swp
Error: disk is full
WriteFile() failed with 112

I installed Bvckup2 on a different drive but for swap space it still seems to use it under my username on C drive which does not have much space. I checked the preferences but can't seem to find an option to change the drive that it uses for swap space. Can someone please advise?


Alex Pankratov :

Jun 08, 2020

You can do this by creating the following file -


putting the following line in it -

    swap.location   X:\path\to\where\you\want\swap\files\go\

and then restarting the program.

That said, if C: is running low on space, it's a better idea to move the entire Bvckup2 configuration folder to some other location. In addition to temporary swap files (used during the scanning and planning phases) this folder also stores block hashes for files copied with delta copying. These take ~0.05% of the original file size, so if you are backing up 100 GB in large files, you will be looking at 50 MB in delta state data sitting in the config folder.

To relocate config folder - shut down the program, move the folder where you want it to be, then re-create %LocalAppData%\Bvckup2 and add there a text file called redirect.ini with a single line that is the new folder location.

For example, if you moved Bvckup2 folder to X:\Foo\, then you will need to create C:\Users\<removed>\AppData\Local\Bvckup2\redirect.ini and put "X:\Foo\Bvckup2" in it.

See for more information.

mack :

Jun 09, 2020

Thanks Alex for your reply, but how do i know that the swap.location setting as taken effect? I am not able to see any new files being created in the new swap space folder. I am not moving the config folder at the moment as i just want to make one change at a time.

mack :

Jun 09, 2020

I can also see this file backup.0.log taking up abut 500MB space for 1 backup job. If i have 10 backup jobs, am I going to have 10x500MB files? Is that going to keep growing?

Alex Pankratov :

Jun 09, 2020

Thanks Alex for your reply, but how do i know that the swap.location setting as taken effect?

Start the backup, pause it with Stop and search for .swp files. Keep in mind that they will have a Hidden attribute on them.

Is that going to keep growing?

See here -

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