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Device tracking and veracrypt

Psychicactus :

Feb 12, 2020

Hi Alex,

I have a USB drive that is completely encrypted using Veracrypt. That means that plugging it in to the computer brings up a Windows error to the effect of "you have to format this before you can use this". Which is the usual. I then mount it using Veracrypt and back up to it with Bvcukp2. No problems.

1. I am curious whether it is possible to use device tracking with this kind of device and if so, which type and how.

2. I am not clear about whether a device needs to be assigned a persistent drive letter in Windows in order for device tracking to work.


Alex Pankratov :

Feb 17, 2020

You can use device tracking for the mounted volume, this would work both by the fingerprint and the volume label. In either case it does not need to be mounted to the same drive letter every time (which is one of two points of the device tracking, with the second one being not backing up on a some other volume that may appear under the same drive letter).

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