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Explicit NTFS Permissions Copy

BSturkey :

Feb 03, 2020

Hello! I am trying to use Bvckup2 to move files from one file server to another for migration. It copies the ACL as it is, which is good. However it changes the ownership of the file to my admin account. I need to folders to maintain the original assigned owner. Is there a way to do that?

Alex Pankratov :

Feb 03, 2020

In "Backup Settings" > "More Options" > "Also Copy", do you have "Ownership info" ...
a. ticked
b. with a *checkmark*?

As such -

When it's completely checked, then the program is querying complete security info - (DACL + Owner + Groups) - for every source file and then setting it, as is, on respective backup copies. It will also report any errors with both querying and setting of the sec. info. Do you see any errors?

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