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Are we using Bvckup2 the right way ?

nko :

Jan 16, 2020

Hi Alex, Hi All,

We are considering Bvckup2 as an alternative to our DFS-R.
Current setup consists of 50+ remote sites replicating to central location.

I'm wondering if it is possible to have one central Bvckup2 triggering snapshots on remote disks (source) to backup all files to that central location (local block device) ?

We are running Bvckup2 with full admin rights under a service account which in turn has full admin rights over the remote servers. I had a first look to the FAQ regarding VSS and may have missed it.

Below the logs from a backup attempt.

Are we missing any configuration steps ?

Kind regards,


Alex Pankratov :

Jan 16, 2020

Hi Thomas,

The "not supported" error comes from the VSS in response to a request for adding remote volume to the snapshot set. That is, it's not a deduction on Bvckup's part or anything like that.

As per [1] using VSS for a remote share requires (at bare minimum) both sides to be running WS2012 as well as have respective remote VSS components installed and enabled. There are other requirements as well.


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