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vmware virtual machine not backing up properly?

bleomycin :

Jul 23, 2019

Just installed bvckup2 to test backing up an ssd containing a few running linux VM's running under vmware workstation (VM's use luks encryption).

The initial backup seems to have completed fine, but any subsequent runs of the task do not identify any changes in the running VM file and don't continue the backup. I've tried setting shadow copy to required which didn't help. Thanks for any support, hopefully what I'm attempting to do is possible.

Alex Pankratov :

Jul 24, 2019

Generally speaking a file is picked up for backup if the timestamps are different between its source and backup copies.

Enabling shadow copying causes VMs to be automatically flushed to disk in a consistent state every time a volume snapshot is created. This also touches the last-modified timestamp, triggering a backup. If you are not seeing this, then I'd guess the root cause lies with luks.

You can work around this by forcing backup of (seemingly) unchanged files using this option -

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