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Change $Archive (Bvckup 2) location

nuntavit :

Jun 29, 2019


Can I change the path of $Archive (Bvckup 2) folder? I set my Nas to back up the whole(topmost) folder but don't want to $Archive (Bvckup 2) to be included. I could exclude the folder from my nas program but then it wil be folder based back up, that is new directory won't be automatically backup. So I think the best and easiest way would be to change $Archive (Bvckup 2) folder to somewhere else. Is it possible?

Thank you,

Alex Pankratov :

Jun 30, 2019

Can I change the path of $Archive (Bvckup 2) folder?

Yes, you can.

However it must remain on the volume of the backup folder, e.g. it cannot be moved to another device.

This is done by adding a "conf.archive" override to the job's configuration:

        conf.archive   X:\Would\You\Just\Look\At\This\Archive

whereby X: is the backup drive.

For how to add an override see

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