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Upgrading Pro version to Pro?

dzieciou :

Jun 21, 2019

After update to version 80.x my app license has been upgraded to Pro license (the app title is Bvckup 2 Pro) but in Help menu there's still option Upgrade to Pro...

Here's the screenshot:

I'm confused. Can you clarify what license I have and what upgrading to Pro would give in my case?

Alex Pankratov :

Jun 21, 2019

You are seeing this option because you are running under a legacy Personal license. This allows the program to run in a Pro _mode_, but you are still responsible for ensuring that your installation remains compliant with Personal license restrictions. That is, that it is used only on your personal home computer and only for handling your personal non-work related data.

Should your usage change and fall outside of this restrictions, you must stop using Personal license and switch to either Basic or Pro license. Basic you will need to buy as is, but to a Pro license you can upgrade.

This is what this option is for. Makes sense?

dzieciou :

Jun 21, 2019

Yep, makes sense.

Thank you.

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