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Release 80

Jun 17, 2019

Executive summary

This release implements a licensing model change. In a gist, we are switching from the use-based licensing to the feature-based model.

*  This change has been in works for a very long time, being first
    announced almost 3 years ago in August 2016. I genuinely hope
    it doesn't come as a surprise to anyone's who's been following
    bvckup2 development and updates.

New license types

Previously, the type of required license was determined by whether the software was to be used on one's home computer for processing personal data or in any other setup.

With this release, the license determines the feature set the program:

⦁    Pro licenses are all inclusive and cover all features, both present
      and planned.

⦁    Basic licenses are meant for a simpler use and include a subset
      of Pro features. It is now considered complete and it will not be
      expanded further.

Additionally, the Server edition of a Pro license is now be required for Windows Server installations.

For complete details see this page -

Support and upgrade access

Another change is with the tech support and software upgrades.

Basic licenses will be limited to forum-based support and minor updates (patch releases) only. Pro licenses will come with a year of Pro support that includes email-based support and access to major updates (upgrades).

After a year, it'll be possible to extend Pro support for another year for a fee of 20% of the original license cost. This is optional. Should it be not extended, the installation will no longer be eligible for _upgrading_ and its tech support will downgrade to the public forum option.

This is essentially a "rolling" form of a conventional upgrade model when a new major version is released every year and existing users have a choice of either staying with the last year release or upgrading at a substantial discount.

This post has a bit more details -

Status of existing licensess

All existing licenses and activation codes remain valid and they will continue to function exactly as they did before.

Personal and Professional licenses will be treated by new program versions as if they were Pro licenses, of Workstation and Server kinds respectively.

They will also have non-expiring Pro support coverage, meaning that they will receive all patches and upgrades on us, forever.

In other words, the program now supports 4 licenses types - Personal, Professional, Basic and Pro - but only the new ones are available for purchase.

Any questions

For any questions please get in touch via
or post them here -

Jun 17, 2019

Additional changes in this release

⦁    Reworked how verbose file and folder exclusions work

      Starting with R80 explicitly excluding a folder in Backup What window
      of backup settings now unconditionally takes all folder contents out of
      backup, with no other "include" rules being applied to it.

      See this post for details -

⦁    Updated the logo

      See this post for details -

⦁    Reworked check-for-updates mechanism for better clarity

      See this post for details -

Jun 24, 2019

Release 80.1.x

⦁    Resolved an issue with expanding More Option section
⦁    Resolved an issue with showing bogus "missed a run" warning when
      upgrading from pre-80 releases. See this post for details -

Aug 08, 2019

Release 80.2

⦁    Run-on-device-arrival scheduling now applies to local devices only -
      as opposed to being also triggered by a network share becoming

⦁    Exporting configuration now also picks up email alert templates.

⦁    Configuration self-backup now covers additional config files.

⦁    Resolved an issue with reporting reparse points that are folders -
      that is, when running into a reparse paint _of an unknown type_
      the program will now correctly report the event both if it is a file
      reparse point and if it's of a directory kind.

⦁    Resolved a cosmetic issue with the Welcome window - some text was
      clipped, and now it's not.

⦁    Resolved an issue with logging email alerting failures - an exotic issue
      triggered when the dispatch of a "missed a backup run" alert ends
      _precisely_ when the job is being launched. This literally required a
      microsecond precision in timing, but apparently some installation
      managed to achieve that.

⦁    Reworked email alerts module to double-check message formatting -
      this has to do with a report of qmail refusing an email alert because it
      (allegedly) contained a lone LF character as a line terminator [1] instead
      of CRLF. Looking at the code on our side there's no way this could've
      had happened, it always sends CRLF. But just in case the alerting
      module now explicitly re-checks that all lines are CRLF terminated
      immediately before sending them to the remote end.  


Aug 21, 2019

Release 80.3

⦁    Switched to using new code signing certificate - due to changing the
      name of the company from Pipemetrics to IO Bureau.

      Do note that because of this change all existing installations except
      for 80.2 will receive an update packaged in a special way. This is
      because versions 80.1 and older expect the update package to carry
      a signature of "Pipemetrics SA", so we use some acrobatics to ensure
      that's the case (even though we no longer can sign new releases with
      that certificate). I'll post more details in the blog shortly as it's an
      interesting topic if a bit technical.

⦁    Resolved an issue with auto-launching the UI in service mode - with
      older installations that were switched to the service mode a while ago
      (as in "several years"), R80.2 will erroneously assume that it needs to
      run in a desktop mode IF it is set to auto-start on Windows logon.

      The backup service would still run and execute all the backups, but
      the UI wouldn't want to connect to it, insisting on running as a full
      app  =>  it will show up unlicensed and with an empty list of jobs.

      The problem is benign and restarting the UI would re-attached it to
      the service, but the symptoms were scary.

⦁    Resolved a logging issue with trial expiring at the exact same moment
      one of the jobs starts a scheduled run.

Aug 23, 2019

Release 80.4

⦁    Resolved an issue with scheduled backup jobs getting stuck in the
      "Will run in a moment..." state. This is specific to 80.3 changes, so
      if you are running 80.3, the update is required.

⦁    Updated the EULA to refer to the company under its new name.

Sep 24, 2019

Release 80.5

⦁    Added support for opportunistic backup of offline files - this is related to the OneDrive folder backups. It is now possible to temporarily suppress processing of files that are offline (i.e. not cached locally).

     See for the background and for the HowTo.

⦁    Added support for cloud-specific attributes to the file filters - it is now possible to exclude/include items based on their Pinned, Unpinned and  Recall-On-Xxx attributes.

     See for the explainer.

⦁    Added ReFS to the list of recognized file systems - this basically means that bvckup2 now knows the timestamp resolution and the maximum file size of ReFS, which is used in cases when it cannot determine these through active testing.

⦁    Enabled support for TLS 1.1 and 1.2 in the email module - this should resolve issues with email alerts mysteriously failing with "failed to secure the connection" errors, when they were sent to mail servers refusing older protocol revisions AND just flat out dropping connections instead of reporting their issues with the protocol revision.

⦁    Humanized error reporting for offline cloud-stored files - a handful of errors relating to trying to read offline file is now also explained in plain English.

⦁    Fixed a quirk with scheduling of periodic jobs - this is a good one. Just like the Oracle from The Matrix, it's been with us from the very beginning.

Basically, if a job was set to run at 12:00, being run manually at 11:59 and then cancelled at 12:01, then it will be re-run immediately after that. This was because the time of the next run was computed relative to the _start_ of the previous attempt... whereby it should've been the latest of the last-attempt start and the last-good-run finish.

⦁    Resolved an issue with the SSD detection logic - we can all thank HTS541010B7E610 for this, because for whatever reason this HDD reports that it supports TRIM, which it clearly shouldn't since is an SSD-specific operation. Well done, WD.

⦁    Resolved an issue with reporting NTFS stream copying errors - destination-side errors were erroneously reporting as being source-side.
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