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Device's Firgerprint Alteration

Doequer :

Jun 11, 2019

Hi, some days ago I decided to start using an internal 3,5" hard disk hooked up directly to one SATA port of my machine, instead using it through an external "SATA>USB 3.0" docking station; the thing is, backup jobs having such disk as source ceased to work, since it got a new fingerprint. I had to update manually each of the jobs' fingerprint values, which as far as I remember, got only its last two digits changed.

Since it is the very same disk and I didn't modified its structure anyway, I'm wondering if the above situation is out of the expected, or rather normal?


Alex Pankratov :

Jun 11, 2019

This means that Windows reports different ATA serial for the drive depending on how it's plugged into your box. This is quite common, e.g. in one case the serial may be padded with spaces, in another - reversed, etc.

The serial comes from the drive's ATA IDENTIFY block, but as it travels through the storage stack it sometimes gets mangled by the drivers through which it passes. Again, this is _very_ common, so what you are seeing is unsurprising.

PS. And bvckup2 binds to the serial as reported this way (vs. to the raw serial from the actual IDENTIFY blob), because it's the only thing available without full admin rights. This in turn is important because the serial must remain the same regardless of the elevation level. So whatever we see as a serial under non-elevated admin is what's used for the fingerprint.

Doequer :

Jun 12, 2019

I see, thanks for you explanation.

Knowing this, maybe it would come handy to have a feature that allows to simultaneously update the fingerprint of all the jobs relying on a determined HD, for those instances when such value gets slightly altered.

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