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A problem backing up to a network drive

hawkster27 :

Jun 03, 2019

I have tried option 3 (I don't want to muck with the registry and I don't understand option 2), but I still can't get around this error on nearly every file:

2019.06.03 15:38:12.147 (UTC-6) 3 5                     Context: \\?\UNC\SHIELD\Portable Media 2T\Music\Alternative\Blind Melon\Vancouver\18 St. Andrews Fall.mp3.bvckup

The portable drive I am trying to backup to is a WD portable connected to an nvidia Shield, which has been mapped to the network.  When I click on Show Destination, it comes right up, but the backup process just isn't working.  (All of my other backups work perfectly, BTW.)

Alex Pankratov :

Jun 04, 2019

* I detached your post from

This log line doesn't contain any error information, it's just a name of the file that the error is logged for. Go a bit up the log, find the entry that says "Creating file..." or "Updating file..." and then use "Copy block to clipboard" option from the right-click menu to grab the whole thing. Paste it here and I'll have a look.

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