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"Destination is out of disk space" - won't use old backup...

Malte :

May 26, 2019

So I have the following situation:

- USB on FritzBox. Used to back up my main drive there.
- I moved to another flat, 4 month later I connect the drive again to FritzBox to use Bvckup2 again.
- FritzBox has 2 USB ports - I use the other one now

- Destination is detected
- Backup runs but stops and says "Abortet: destination is out of disk space"
- That can't be. My source is 2 TB (900 GB used). Destination is the same.

It does not seem to see the old backuped files again and wants to create everything new (then the space would not be enough indeed). Do I have to delete the old backup and just let it run from scratch?

What can I do to make it recognize the old backup files? The destination device is recognized - why not the files?

Alex Pankratov :

May 31, 2019

Do I have to delete the old backup and just let it run from scratch?

No, you generally don't of course. The one and only way to resolve this is to look at the log, check for any other errors, double-check the setup itself (i.e. that paths before and after _do_ in fact match, etc.). This is some sort of misconfiguration error. Something somewhere changed in the setup even though it may seem like it should've remained the same.

Malte :

May 31, 2019

Thank you for your feedback. I'm still trying to figure out what's wrong. I deleted the backup but it's still not working.

Now I get the following code:

SetEndOfFile() failed with 112

I guess I keep trying and maybe resetting everything might solve it...

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