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vgt :

May 03, 2019

I have changend and updatete the configuration of several bvckup2 jobs. bvckup works still according to the old/deleted configuration.
Then  I have deleted all bvckup jobs und newly createt. Still the old ones working. Then I have deinstalled bvckup an redinstalled ...... Still the old configruation working. How deep and permanently does bvckup  invade in my system? And how can this be stopped? Thanks for any helpful hints.

Alex Pankratov :

May 03, 2019

Still the old ones working

What does this exactly mean? That is, you are obviously looking at something to come to this conclusion. What is it?

How deep and permanently does bvckup  invade in my system?

It places program files in %ProgramFiles%\Bvckup2, adds 2 keys to the registry and then stores all its configuration in %LocalAppData%\Bvckup2 folder.

When you are uninstalling the program, you are given an option to remove the configuration data. If you say No to that, the config will be left in place, so if you later install the program again, it will come up showing your original configuration. If you say Yes, everything is wiped clean.

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