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Delta Copy not working when editing a video tag

magi44ken :

Sep 13, 2018


I'm evaluating the lastest version of Bvckup v79,7.

One issue that I'm having is when I edit the tag of a mp4 file with file size 295MB, it copies the whole file instead of just the changes.

I search through the forum and read a similar issue:

His issue is with smaller file size while mines is much bigger.

Here is the log

2018.09.13 00:04:05.142 (UTC-8) 2 1     Processing ...
2018.09.13 00:04:05.142 (UTC-8) 3 2         A total of 1 step
2018.09.13 00:04:05.142 (UTC-8) 2 2         1. Copying file 001.mp4
2018.09.13 00:04:05.142 (UTC-8) 3 3             281.92 MB, created 2018.01.25 23:46:38.984, modified 2018.09.12 23:50:48.031, archive
2018.09.13 00:04:05.142 (UTC-8) 3 4                 Raw: 295615475 / 131614227989849702 / 131812950480310000 / 00000020
2018.09.13 00:04:05.142 (UTC-8) 3 3             Delta state initialized
2018.09.13 00:04:17.835 (UTC-8) 3 3             Completed in 12 sec, copied in full in delta mode
2018.09.13 00:04:17.835 (UTC-8) 3 4                 22.21 MBps | 38.44 reading, 54.77 hashing, 24.51 writing
2018.09.13 00:04:17.895 (UTC-8) 2 1     Completed in 12 sec with no errors
2018.09.13 00:04:17.895 (UTC-8) 3 2         Read 281.92 MB, wrote 281.92 MB, throughput 22.20 MBps / 23281326 bps


Alex Pankratov :

Sep 13, 2018

2018.09.13 00:04:05.142 (UTC-8) 3 3             Delta state initialized

The _delta_ part of delta copying kicks in on the second copy. On the first pass it creates the block hash file, which is something that is used on all subsequent passes to detect changes.

See here for details -

magi44ken :

Sep 13, 2018


You are right. The log that I share was indeed the first pass copy.

Before I go to bed last night, I decided to test the move file and folder test cases. Once I move the file out of the source folder, Bvckup deleted the video file from the destination folder. When I put it back in the source folder, it copy a new copy and recalculate the delta copy hash data.

I just tested it now, it is working.

I was going to find the old log that I tested last night but I accidentally overwrite it when I copy and paste to the wrote text file...

The previous version that I tested was back in May that I was having issue with delta copy. I wanted to test the last version to see if it is resolve.

Thanks for your help. It is all working now.

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