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Error: specified location has an active connection under a different user name

ttham :

Sep 12, 2018

Hi support,

I'm not sure what to do as this backup program has worked before, but after many restarts of the program and administrator accounts being used I still get this message when trying to backup about 4 computers on our network. One thing to note is that all the other backups on the network do work with the same administrator account credentials. What do I do?

Alex Pankratov :

Sep 12, 2018

This is more of a general Windows administration question and not directly related to Bvckup 2. If it were my setup, I'd probably either:

(1) investigate what this second session is and where it comes from, e.g. by using "net use" command from an elevated Admin prompt. Clearly, something has changed in your environment, so trying to go through recent changes would be another thing to do.


(2) just forcibly close that session by using appropriate Logon/Override combination in the share credentials setup window -

Though #1 is a more kosher thing to do, because #2 may end up breaking something other part of your setup.

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