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How to Exclude LibreOffice Temp Files (when open)

Homer712 :

Aug 03, 2018

Folders are being scanned for changes every 30 seconds (minimum time between backups). When working with LibreOffice this type of file is created in the same folder as the original file (.~lock.Cameras Setup.ods#). The ".ods" just happens to be a LibreOffice spreadsheet file. Would excluding files of ".ods#" make the files be ignored? Asking because with all those "dots" in the file name I'm not sure just what to add to the ignore list.

Alex Pankratov :

Aug 03, 2018

You want to use


as an exclusion pattern.

However, this will merely remove these files from the backup and not prevent backups from being run. This is because the program receives a general "something changed" ping from Windows when something does in fact change in the source folder. There are no details, so to understand _what_ has changed exactly, the only option is to scan the source... even if the change was to an excluded item.

Homer712 :

Aug 03, 2018

Thank you. I've been using Bvckup for a while now and come to this forum quite often to just read your responses to questions/issues. Very informative. Do you ever sleep?

Alex Pankratov :

Aug 04, 2018

Yes, occasionally I do :)

PetieG :

Feb 06, 2019

I don't think the extension matters as you can edit .xls(x), .docx, etc. files directly in LibreOffice as well, so different lock files get created.  So I'm thinking of excluding the following:


Seems like that should exclude most, if not all,  of the LibreOffice .~lock files.  

NOTE: Vulnerability just discovered in LibreOffice, Please Update!

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