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Manually downloading release 79 (upxless version)

paulw :

May 16, 2018

Hello Alex,

I cannot allow bvckup to automatically download and update itself because I am behind a corporate proxy. But I have a means to copy the file manually across.
However when I try to download the file off the corporate network, I get the error:

no preg_match on [bvckup2‑setup‑‑upxless.exe]

The URL is:


Alex Pankratov :

May 16, 2018

Hi Paul,

the correct URL is

Where did you get your version of the URL from?

paulw :

May 16, 2018

From the app itself. In fact what it did was start the download but because the corporate network inspects TLS traffic, it fails to verify the integrity. It presents a Download manually button, which I clicked, but that then blocks the URL because it is "untrusted". Rolls eyes.
I just cut and pasted the URL from the browser session that was started.
By pasting the URL into the message window here does seem to have messed with it because I did not see that format when I pasted it in off the corporate network.
I have the file now.

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