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VeraCrypt Dismount/Mount

smallbrain :

May 06, 2018

i use VeraCrypt to encrypt my data on a USB Stick in a VeraCrypt container file. I have all my data in that file, except pics and music. When i connect the USB stick, VeraCrypt pops up for a password prompt and the container will be mounted as drive L:. The container will be backed-up with bvckup2 regularly. Before i switch off my computer i dismount the container and take the USB stick with me.
Now i have found, that bvckup2 only recognizes the mount task of the drive L: but never the dismount task until i end and start bvckup2. Let me explain. 1) I start my computer new, the USB stick is not connected. 2) After the start in the bvckup2 GUI "Waiting for the source device..." is displayed. 3) I connect my USB stick an mount drive L:. In bvckup2 drive L: is recognized and will be processed as defined in the job. Then "Next scan in...." is displayed. 4) I finish my work and dismount drive L: with a 'Force' dismount, because bvckup2 is locking the dismount process. Drive L: disappears from explorer, but not from bvckup2. The GUI still displays "Next scan in.....".  And it will run because bvckup2 see's the drive L:.
thanks for a response, best regards

Alex Pankratov :

May 06, 2018

True/VeraCrypt have some issues around change notifications. I don't remember the details, but I *think* that at the very least they don't send required notifications on volume label changes or some such.

However there is a code in the backup engine that does "brute-force" TC volume monitoring, but it does that only when the program is running in service mode.

However you can tell it to do the same in the desktop mode as well:

1. Right-click on the job in question
    Select Open Folder > Configuration and Logging
    Go one level up (and you should end up in the \engine\ folder)

2. Use Notepad to create a file called bvckup2-engine-override.ini
    and put the following line there

        monitor_drives_mask       00000800

3. Save the ini, restart the program

What this does is that it tells the engine to re-query the status of L: drive every 10 seconds.


The next release (R80) will ship with a brand new device tracking code that should take care of TC volume tracking without any overrides. But it's still a month or two out from now.

smallbrain :

May 06, 2018

Thank you for this lightning fast response. It works perfect. Great support.

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