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Release 79

May 04, 2018

Executive summary

It's a very good release.

Release at a glance

⦁    Brand new copying module dubbed the "ultra copier"
⦁    Support for retrying backup steps on transient failures
⦁    Support for disabling tray alerts for missed backups

Notable fixes

⦁    Resolved an issue with losing UI config file on machine reboots
⦁    Resolved two issues with handling of file symlinks
⦁    Resolved an issue with "Another instance is running" popup

Smaller changes

⦁    Flushing is now Off by default for removable devices
⦁    Delta copying thresholds are now 16 MB and 64 MB (see below)

⦁    New progress bar for bulk and delta copying
⦁    Ctrl-A now selects all text in edit boxes
⦁    "More" links are now shown in blue

⦁    Better handling of the OneDrive folder and offline files
⦁    Pre/post-commands now launch .bat files via "cmd /c ..."
⦁    Templating of new backup jobs is now simpler

May 04, 2018

The Ultra Copier

This is a big change, which was long due. The central piece of code that shuffles data from a file to its backup copy was completely redone. The previous version is still perfectly fine, but it is now several years old and we've learned a thing a two during that time.

In short, the ultra copier is:

⦁    Faster in bulk copying and faster in processing of smaller files.

      Details are here -

⦁    Faster in delta copying. Much faster. To the point that it can now
      shovel data between two NVMe drives with virtually no impact on
      the speed over regular bulk copy.

      Details are here -

⦁    Copying is now resumable after cancellations and IO errors. In fact,
      you can now yank an USB drive from its port in the middle of a write
      and Bvckup 2 will automatically correct the file corruption that this
      may cause, while preserving as much of existing data as possible.

      Details are here -

      *  Not that yanking a drive is ever a good idea though.

Additionally, the ultra copier looks at the exact drive type (HDD, SDD, NVMe, etc.), USB connection details and a network protocol version to adapt its IO profile for the setup.

If you have some time, do read through the linked posts. It's one of more interesting changes to the program in a while.

May 04, 2018

Support for retrying on transient failures

Starting with this release the backup engine will retry backup steps when they fail in a certain way. By default, the retrying is enabled for network-related failures as this is the number ones source of intermittent failures that tend to resolve themselves in a short amount of time.

The retry schedule is 20 times 15 seconds apart, configurable as per usual.

The engine already had a list of so-called "fatal errors" which cause a backup run to be aborted when encountered. This list includes errors like "Device not found", "Volume dirty" and everyone's all time favorite "Disk corrupted".

Details are here -

May 04, 2018

Disabling tray alerts for missed backups

By a popular request, it's now possible to disable systray icon blinking when a periodic backup misses its scheduled run. The error will still be logged, but the icon won't blink.

Details are here -

* However, this is a bit like sweeping dust under the carpet. A better
option is to suppress or to delay these alerts exactly in more precise
manner -

May 04, 2018

Notable fixes

⦁    Resolved an issue with losing UI config file on machine reboots

UI's ini file *was* saved in response to Windows "we are rebooting" notification, but it was initiated _after_ the UI responded to the latter. So in some cases Windows ended up nuking the program before the save was completed.

⦁    Resolved two issues with handling of file symlinks

1.  The engine erroneously skipped symlinks that were pointing back into the source tree. This is a _folder_ processing logic (because we'd end up in a loop if we were to allow that). File symlinks we should be following regardless of where they point.

2. When copying a file via symlink, the engine used wrong API to query its size, so it ended up always thinking the size was 0. This would've not been a problem if the engine didn't have an optimized copying routine for zero-sized file. This routine works by creating a backup file and then closing it write away, without attempting an IO.

⦁    Resolved an issue with "Another instance is running" popup

This was due to the program being started twice in rapid succession.

May 04, 2018

Smaller changes

⦁    Flushing is now Off by default for removable devices

Previously the engine would force-flush file buffers after copying each file if the backup device was removable. In retrospect this is not really needed, because it's a duplicate of Windows' per-device write cache policy, which is what needs to be changed IF a device is indeed prone to sudden removals.

⦁    Delta copying thresholds are now 16 MB and 64 MB (see below)

That is, when enabled, delta copying is now used for all files over 64 MB and for recently-modified files over 16 MB, whereby "recently" is "within last 30 days".

May 04, 2018

⦁    New progress bar for bulk and delta copying

Any excuse to redesign a progress bar is a good excuse. Here's the 5 years of evolution of the damn thing -

⦁    Ctrl-A now selects all text in edit boxes

As it turns out it's NOT a default behavior of native Windows controls.

⦁    "More" links are now shown in blue

In some configuration windows there's a plaintext "More" at the bottom right corner. It used to be dark gray, so some people assumed it was a disabled option and never bothered to try it... even though it changed color invitingly on hover.

As of this release, these are blue. Looks a bit more busy, but hopefully a bit more actionable too.

May 04, 2018

⦁    Better handling of the OneDrive folder and offline files

1. The UI now doesn't complain when you are setting up a backup of C:\ that goes into a OneDrive folder:

        C:\    =>    C:\Users\foo\OneDrive

Previously, it would say "Destination is a subfolder of the source" and refuse to OK the setup.

2. The engine now understands "offline files" and complains intelligently when it fails to copy them -

⦁    Pre/post-commands now launch .bat files via "cmd /c ..."

If a pre/post-command ends with ".bat" and the whole command is a filename, then the engine will launch it with "cmd /c <command>".

⦁    Templating of new backup jobs is now simpler

This is an internal change that cleans up the initialization of the default exclusion list. Just rest assured that it's all tidy and neat there now.

May 04, 2018


Direct update link -
Thread for any issues -

May 07, 2018

Releases 79.0.1  -  79.0.3

These went out over the course of past few days to patch an issue each.

In particular,
79.0.1 patched an issue with finalizing partial copies
79.0.2 - an incorrect self-consistency check in the ultra copier code,
79.0.3 - an issue with running (or rather *not* running) on XP

The last of these will show up through in-app updates shortly, but you can also update to it manually via

May 08, 2018

Release 79.0.4

⦁    Resolved an issue with retrying on network errors while _scanning_
⦁    Resolved an issue with "error 0" being shown for failed file deletes

May 15, 2018

Release 79.1

⦁    Resolved an issue with copying files that are _shrinking_
⦁    Added support for AppExecLink reparse points

May 20, 2018

Release 79.2

⦁    Resolved an issue with resuming delta copying after a write failure
      due to an out-of-disk-space condition
⦁    Resolved an issue with resuming delta copying after a cancellation
      that was preceded by a write failure
⦁    Resolved an issue with sending alerts over TLS
      As per -

May 25, 2018

Release 79.3

⦁    Resolved an issue with scanning getting stuck in case of network
      errors under certain circumstances.

⦁    Resolved an issue with delta copying - the copying module would
      erroneously deem a delta state invalid if the only change on the
      previous run was to the last block of the file *and* the file length
      was not a multiple of 64KB.
      As per -

⦁    Added an option for explicitly selecting a VSS provider to use for
      shadow copying.
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