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Start Minimize option not working

Andreas :

Mar 29, 2018


Since I updated to Windows 10 (1709) the option mentioned in the subject line is not working anymore. The program is not stored / copied to the autostart folders or somewhere else. I activated the options in the preferences:

Launch on  startup
Launch with admin rights
Start minimized

After some restarts the option "start minimized" is deactivated / unchecked and the program does not start minimized anymore. Any tips?

Thank you and happy Easter! :)

Alex Pankratov :

Mar 30, 2018

This preference is stored in %LocalAppData%\Bvckup2\ui\bvckup2-ui.ini file, which the program reads on launch.

If this setting gets unchecked, it means that .ini  is getting wiped, which in turn is typically done by an overzealous antivirus. I'd dig in that direction.

If this setting remains checked, but the program doesn't start minimized, it means that the program is auto-started _twice_. In this case the second launch will act as a "show yourself" signal, so the window will restore itself from a minimized state.

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