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How to use Last Modified Filter

ScottD :

Mar 09, 2018

I feel like we've discussed this before, but I can't seem to find anything about this on the forum.  We are trying to accomplish the following feat...

1) Only scan folders/files in the "F:\opal\image_store\" directory and ONLY if the folder/file's Last Modified date is "On or after" 2018/03/09 00:01.

2) Even if it has to scan the entire contents of "F:\opal\image_store\" directory in order to determine the Last Modified date for each folder/file, to then filter it...if it will at least not then copy any folder/file from the source to the destination that is older than our Last Modified date specified (2018/03/09 00:01), that would suffice.

To save time, it would be best if option 1 above worked...but we'll take option 2 if that is all that's possible currently.  Issue is, it seems to me that neither scenario is working no matter which combos of filters I try.  

Can you recommend a combination of filters that would best meet this goal?

Alex Pankratov :

Mar 09, 2018

It depends what other inclusion/exclusion rules you have in place.

The key thing to remember with _folder_ rules is that they merely set default action for all folder items. If there's another rule that applies to an item in the folder, it may end up reversing the action.

For example:

    Exclude  .\foo
    Include *.jpg

These two will cause JPG files to be included from .\foo, but nothing else.

"Final" rule modifier

Now, the good news is that it's possible to make any rule to be "final", so that when a folder matching the rule, it is either included or excluded in full with no other rules checked.

Option #1 - per-rule override

If you look in settings.ini for the job, your last-modified rule will look something like this:

    conf.filters.src.generic.rule    - mtime (2018/03/09 00:01, -) match *

To make this rule final change it to

    conf.filters.src.generic.rule    -! mtime (2018/03/09 00:01, -) match *

That is, add ! after the "-".

Option #2 - global override

Alternatively, you can can make all your exclude rules final *by default*:

    conf.filters.src.generic.exclude_is_final    1

You can also make all your _include_ rules final by default:

    conf.filters.src.generic.include_is_final     1

These two settings apply to "generic" rules - the ones you define at the bottom part of the Backup What window.

There are two other settings that control the "finality" of selections made in the middle part of the Backup What window final as well:

    conf.filters.src.verbose.include_is_final     1
    conf.filters.src.verbose.exclude_is_final    1


Let me know if you need further help with this.

PS. And I'll see that we add control over the "final" setting to the UI.

ScottD :

Mar 14, 2018

Awesome, thank you, that did the trick.

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