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Doequer :

Mar 06, 2018

Some days ago I tried the program with a job which involved the copy of plenty of GBs, and although it all ended well, I wasn't able to know how much time it took but till it finally ended.

So I'm wondering if is it there something to do in order the program shows the estimated amount of remaining time and current completion percentage of a given job at a global basis, instead just the current file based one? I mean, an easy way of being able to see the "general" progress of the running jobs, both in percentage and timing values.

Doequer :

Mar 13, 2018

Some news about this?

Alex Pankratov :

Mar 13, 2018

Ah, sorry, got this tagged as "read" by mistake.

Right now there's no way to see an ETA for the whole run, just for specific (large) files. This is planned and should make its way into the next major release or the one after.

Doequer :

Mar 13, 2018

OK, thanks for your answer.

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