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ProcessRparsePoint() failed with 9000e01a


Feb 23, 2018

I've just had my first failure in multiple years since being an early adopter of the original Bvckup beta - so good going, and I am still happy ambassador of your product, Alex! :)

Having set my wife's laptop up with OneDrive I would like to keep a local archive on my NAS simply "just in case needed", so having copied her root documents folder inside OneDrive I changed the source location in the Bvckup2 job accordingly - whereupon it reported 21 errors and promptly deleted every file in the target location.

On digging deeper the errors occur once for each top level folder within OneDrive (21 folders) and with syntax as given in the subject of this topic.

How to fix, please?

Many thanks.

Alex Pankratov :

Feb 23, 2018

This was resolved in 78.10, back in October last year [1]
What version are you running on the laptop?



Feb 23, 2018

Thanks, Alex.  You have hit the nail on the head.  I recently restored my wife's laptop to a system image from September to solve another issue and in so doing took Bvckup2 back to pre release 78.  I've just updated to release 78.20 and the backup in question automatically corrected itself.

Problem solved - and thank you for such fast service.

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