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ddnational :

Feb 19, 2018

Using 78.20
Bvckup2 doesn't work properly with date/time stamps through the mounted encrypted drives by EncFSMP from

Here is an example.
2018.02.19 14:30:39.768 (UTC-8) 3 4                 Source: 835 bytes, created 2017.03.15 20:42:44.637, modified 2016.11.19 09:20:00.833, archived
2018.02.19 14:30:39.768 (UTC-8) 3 5                     Raw: 835 / 131341129646377440 / 131240496008330000 / 00000020
2018.02.19 14:30:39.768 (UTC-8) 3 4                 Backup: 835 bytes, created 2018.02.19 13:16:38.000, modified 2018.02.19 13:16:38.000, (no attributes) / not-indexed
2018.02.19 14:30:39.768 (UTC-8) 3 5                     Raw: 835 / 131635485980000000 / 131635485980000000 / 00002000

Yet, when using Fastcopy it works fine. And timestamps get properly updated.

Alex Pankratov :

Feb 20, 2018

If you don't see any errors logged by bvckup2, then this would be a bug in EncFSMP, because it should either implement the API used by bvckup2 for setting the timestamps or it should be failing the calls to this API. It doesn't appear to be doing either.

You can try and work around this by forcing bvckup2 to use a different method for settings timestamps and attributes. For that, you'll need to create a file called override.ini in the job's config folder and put the following line in it:

    conf.copying.general.use_fast_api    0

Restart the program and re-run the backup.

To find job's configuration folder - right-click on its entry in main window, select Open Folder > Configuration and Logging.


By default the program will use NtSetInformationFile() API to set both timestamps and attributes in one go. The alternative method uses a SetFileTime() and SetFileAttributes() to copy the timestamps and attributes, separately. These two are higher-level functions so they come with extra overhead, but they both end up calling to the very same NtSetInformationFile().

ddnational :

Feb 20, 2018

I tried the override.ini but it did not help. It still re-copies all the data and timestamps are wrong.

If its a bug in EncFSMP how come Fastcopy and Windows Copy work ok?

Alex Pankratov :

Feb 20, 2018

It’s a bug in EncFSMP, because it either sets or reports timestamps on backup copies incorrectly. Bvckup 2 tends to coalesce multiple OS operations in a single request, so it is quite good at flushing weird bugs from various emulators and shim filters.

My guess would be that they incorrectly process back-to-back set and get requests for timestamps on the same file handle, but it can be something else. Your best option is to file a report with EncFSMP developers and have them take a look.

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