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Running back-to-back "Bvckups" picks up additional files

galileo :

Jan 30, 2018


When Bvckup is run a second time - literally immediately after running the first time - it will consistently pickup additional files as shown in the "changes" counter and the log.  This occurs when running the same backup job twice back-to-back against folders that contain files that are not in use.  

Usually the file count of the second run is quite small (~ 3 to 20 files).  But, nonetheless there are files that are picked up in the second run.  If immediately run a third time, Bvckup does not pickup any files and shows "0" changes.

The questions here are "why" and is something being missed - somehow - on the first run?   I can provide the log files for review if you need.


Alex Pankratov :

Jan 31, 2018

What version have you see this happen with?
If it's 78.12 or 78.14, please re-test with the newer one.

Are these files also processed during the first run?
What's your Backup Settings > Detecting Changes setting?

galileo :

Feb 02, 2018

Version 78.19
Use destination snapshot

Backup is running over LAN to a QNAP NAS box

Alex Pankratov :

Feb 02, 2018

There are no known issues of this sort with 78.19

As per above - can you check if files from the second run also processed during the first run? If they are, can you show the file timestamp info from both runs?

PS. QNAP has its fair share of quirks. This might be one of them.

galileo :

Feb 02, 2018

Will do backup later today and forward the log files with today's results.


galileo :

Feb 03, 2018

Log file forwarded via email...

Alex Pankratov :

Feb 05, 2018

OK, so this was an issue on QNAP's side - it is changing "created" timestamps on backup copies to current time after they are explicitly set to some value in the past by Bvckup. It shouldn't be doing that and there's a few second delay to this change, so I'm guessing this behavior is not "by design".

The workaround is to tell Bvckup to not compare "created" timestamps between source and backup copies when decided whether a file needs updating:

Right-click on the job in main window, select Open Folder > Configuration and Logging, use Notepad to create a file called override.ini there and put the following line in it:

    conf.ctime_match   1

Save the ini, exit Notepad and restart Bvckup 2.

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