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Change detected for Continuous backup but no files are changed

paulw :

Jan 02, 2018

I have had reason to configure a continuous backup to mirror some select directories to another machine. The backup contents are largely static but should they change they need to be copied over promptly.

This worked mostly okay during the initial setup but now it is in the monitor stage I find that backups are being started due to a detected change but when it comes to the processing of the backup, no changes are detected.

As an example some overnight activity updated one of the directories concerned. The actual contents of this activity are not mirrored, but obviously the parent directory is updated. The timestamp of the monitored folder is 05:28 this morning. At 05:33, bvckup2 started a backup and updated the timestamp. All as expected.

The same had occurred at 03:22 and the backup ran immediately. However another change was detected 2 seconds after the previous backup completed at 03:24:16. The backup ran at 04:24:16 as this backup has a delay of 1 hour between backups. This was to prevent too many backups occurring in the initial setup stage.

Since the backup at 05:33 I have had 4 further backups which have started but no updates, not even timestamps have been detected. There have been no changes to the monitored directories.

The backups don't typically take long to process anywhere between 1m22s and 11m36s (~447K files, 99K folders) but due to the circumstances I am notified of each and every run of this particular backup which I have to check.

paulw :

Jan 02, 2018

Just seen

I am running 78.16


Alex Pankratov :

Jan 04, 2018


what you are seeing merely means that the change was to one of excluded items. Windows would poke Bvckup when *something* changes in the monitored folder, but it won't specify any details. So the program needs to scan the location and then understand what it was that actually changed. In some cases the changes would be with items that aren't included in the backup, so you will see "no changes detected" after a run.

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