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USB device fingerprint recognition requires extra remove/insert?!?

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Nov 12, 2017

In the past couple of weeks I've come up against a bizarre situation with Bvckup2 (+all current updates) on Windows 7 x64 SP1 (+all current microsoft updates), and I'm not sure at which of the recent (since ~2 months) Bvckup2 updates the problem first began.

I run Bvckup2 as a service, and all my backup jobs (always to NTFS formatted drives) use the USB drive signature to start the continuous backup. What's happening now is that the first insertion of a USB drive after a reboot of my laptop is not recognized by the Bvckup2 program (the drive is visible and usable from the Windows File Explorer), I'm required to remove the drive via the "Remove Safely" shortcut and then plug in the USB drive a second time, at which point Bvckup2 acknowledges the drive arrival and starts the jobs for that drive.

My question: is there a debug Bvckup2 procedure that would allow collecting a log of USB level events in Bvckup2 to help diagnose what is going on here? What do I need to do for a problem like this?

InsertRealName :

Nov 12, 2017

Oh, I should add that I purchased a "Personal" license in 2015 and have been reinstalling it whenever I redo my laptop (most recently 2017-02), and I check for Bvckup2 updates and install them. I'm a little confused whether continuing to run as a Windows service will require an upgrade to a "Professional" license--but I'm OK with doing so.

Alex Pankratov :

Nov 12, 2017

is there a debug Bvckup2 procedure that would allow collecting a log of USB level events in Bvckup2 to help diagnose what is going on here?

The backup engine monitors device arrivals and departures through WM_DEVICECHANGE notifications [1], so this is not USB-specific in any way.

These events are logged in the engine-side copy of bvckup2.log, which will normally be in %ProgramData%\Bvckup2 folder when running in service mode. You'd see entries like:

2017.11.10 18:10:34 Device arrived, unit_mask = 00000008, flags = 00
2017.11.10 18:10:34 Processing 0x00000008 arrival, 0x00000000 removal
2017.11.10 18:10:35 Drive D -> type 2, rem y, bitlocked 0, tc 0, [KINGSTON], [B48B2206.NTFS.3F0000.EA4500000], bus 7 / 00060001


2017.11.10 20:08:56 Processing 0x00000000 arrival, 0x00040008 removal
2017.11.10 20:08:56 Drive D -> [gone]

Also, for notifications that the engine doesn't understand you'll see entries that say "Device custom-event - ?" and "Device event xxxx / {guid}", whereby xxxx is a hex number.

As to the actual symptoms you are seeing - sorry, got no ready answer for you. Have a look at what you have in log around the time you insert the drive and, especially, if you have any of "Device event xxxx" entries. Perhaps these insertions are reported in some uncommon way, in which case we can probably teach bvckup2 to handle them.



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