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Bvckup2 logs filling C Drive

Monica :

Nov 08, 2017

Hi Alex,

Bvckup2 logs filling up C drive.I restricted log settings file conf.log_rotate_size  to 1 GB but still it creates backup logs of 3 GB for all the data sets . Please suggest me what can be done in this case.

conf.log_rotate_count                              3
conf.log_rotate_first                              0000-00-00 00:00:00.000
conf.log_rotate_intvl                              7:2
conf.log_rotate_size                               1024000000

Alex Pankratov :

Nov 09, 2017

Does this 3GB log cover more than one backup run?

If it does, then it likely means that some other process is holding a reference to the log file when bvckup2 is trying to rotate it. There will be an error logged to that effect in the central log (bvckup2.log) and I can have a look at it if you'd like (though let's take this over to email).

If it doesn't, i.e. if these 3 gigs are generated by a single backup run, then it's possible to reduce the verbosity of the log to slim it down.

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