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Archiving issue 1 Arbie
Restore 8 iancharles
Works on Windows on ARM? 1 loyukfai
2 Back-ups 1 Device, 1 Works 1 can't find device 1 HappyMoggy
Suppressing backup of offline OneDrive files 0 Alex Pankratov
Retrying on errors 1 Alex Pankratov
Archive backup copies location? 15 balderdash
Command-line control 49 Alex Pankratov
Commandline Run Jobs with custom Config File 10 Charlie54
Bvckup Excluding own settings ? 4 Charlie54
Everything Program from VoidTools? 3 Charlie54
Portable Version? 10 JMD4ever
Diskovery forum 6 cakeAnyone
"Created" timestamps 2 Alex Pankratov
Destination Path Issue 9 Doequer
High CPU usage of GUI 1 ondra.bu
Active time 100%, Avg response time >1000ms, Write speed < 7 MB/s 3 Thomas
80.4 3 ng4ever
Re: R80.3 1 Froggie
Parallel copying / the tech demo 49 Alex Pankratov
Saved Credentials 3 mastershakes
Support for restoring from the backups 5 Lorenz
Automate update how does it work? 1 ng4ever
Network name is no longer available 3 Klaas
Thank you for such a wonderful program! 4 ng4ever
Backup Jobs gone? 1 AIMSNET-IT
Clone task from its engine folder 5 Jerome_T
Toolbar Icon with Summary 1 albspe
Move DB and config 10 Bomba
vmware virtual machine not backing up properly? 1 bleomycin
Destination snapshot not reliable over long time? 6 chris2
Version 79->80 Breaks Symbolic Links 1 estevens99
how to Post-backup delete the source? 3 Oneyedrunk
Issues with Synology DSM 6 firmware update (!) 32 jfsimon
Aborted : error 59 at destination location 4 stuartforrest
Export Configuration 6 galileo
Change $Archive (Bvckup 2) location 1 nuntavit
After (re)starting Bvckup, all backups start to run 6 Klaas
Pro for Windows Servers license on regular Windows 1 tengu
It seems Bvckup does not connect to network location after these became available 6 LK1
After disabling all backups the only way to get backups running again is by manually starting all individual backups 1 Klaas
Any way to add delay after detected change? 7 112233
Service didn't start any more after update to 80.1 3 cremor
Just updated to R80 and get many "Missed schedule run..." notices? 9 DocRoot
Upgrading Pro version to Pro? 2 dzieciou
Alerted to "old" backup jobs in error state when a "new" backup job completes successfully 1 DocRoot
Backup to destination without scanning? (Amazon S3) 1 jonlon12
what to backup for fresh install on win10 1 ILS
CD or DVD media 1 TommyRandom
Device's Firgerprint Alteration 2 Doequer

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