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what to backup for fresh install on win10 1 ILS
CD or DVD media 1 TommyRandom
Device's Firgerprint Alteration 2 Doequer
Seeding a Back UP to a Synology 2 stosht
Inconsistent state after update to 4 dzieciou
Release 79 37 Alex Pankratov
Accessing a drive when no drive letter attached 8 MWorthington
Device tracking 1 mbdiener
Max number of jobs that can/should be configured? 2 martbasi
A problem backing up to a network drive 1 hawkster27
Network share and mapped drive access 2 Alex Pankratov
Portable Version? 9 JMD4ever
"Destination is out of disk space" - won't use old backup... 2 Malte
Form Scaling Issue 6 JTW
Log file cannot be displayed 5 Tectu
File versioning 43 appel
Unable to sync following a restore 3 biship
Missed backup and log window 2 albspe
Quiet times / Scheduled Hours 12 Alex Pankratov
Bvckup 2 didn't honor the exclude rules. 6 Dex
Some random problem 1 vgt
CreateFile() failed with 1920 2 peterldowns
"Backup Everything" Expected Behavior? 10 Doequer
Office 365 Email Notifications 14 Darol
bvbackup 2 installation on fresh installed windows. 3 Markiw
Slow transfers, 10 seconds per file exactly 3 Salty_Wagyu
Example Backup Process? Good Reference? 3 Danielle_E
Bvckup disappears from start group 3 shalebing
Simulate 2 MWorthington
Issue with Google Backup and Sync 4 gkinrade
Security Scan Required 2 BvcDer
Concurrent backups *only* to physically separate disks? 9 InsertRealName
Command-line control 42 Alex Pankratov
Missing Little Red Cross 3 MWorthington
Backup Archive Copies Being Deleted 9 Doequer
Parallel copying / the tech demo 42 Alex Pankratov
Backup exits and fails on dead symlink 3 Lurch
Access Denied 21 dsafety
The log file cannot be displayed 6 AlexS
Interrupted bvckups 1 kezzaa
Delta copy not working for file which I think should 8 Filecollector
Installing Bvckup2 on Linux Mint 18.1 x64 (Ubuntu 16.04) 6 AndyW
CreateFile() failed with 5 1 support-vantec
How to Exclude LibreOffice Temp Files (when open) 4 Homer712
Software updates & update channels 4 Alex Pankratov
ProcessReparsePoint troubles 7 ThatGuy
Created file timestamps not supported by source 11 dench
Error: the media is write-protected 5 cwallis
Each time backup starts, "scanning destination" takes hours 1 PearsonFlyer
Add a option to only run backups when system is idle ? 1 ng4ever

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