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Interval time wrong if set in seconds 1 Arbie
GetOverlappedResult() failed with 87 4 mercurius80
Delta Copier MUCH slower than System Copier on USB 3.0 Drobo 5 ceasley
Upcoming licensing changes 13 Alex Pankratov
Installing Bvckup2 on Linux Mint 18.1 x64 (Ubuntu 16.04) 2 AndyW
Populated destination, empty source 4 williamseepauljr
Dynamically changing backup destination 1 mukhan
Question about "Running archive maintenance" step 3 dbuckle
Monitoring centrally if bvckup service is running on clients 4 dwienie
Error: SetFileTime() failed with 87 6 theedge
Why are files updated 4 drave
Hard to locate error in large backup job 4 Arbie
Backing up Dropbox ? 6 ptcadoc
Doing a backup from a backup 1 mukhan
Post-wake-up delay 6 robfork
Release 72 20 Alex Pankratov
How licensing works 4 GarbageSauce
Archiving not working correctly - lost files 6 munty
Move ALL to other PC 5 Radko
Log File Panel > 6 robfork
How delta copying works 8 Alex Pankratov
Duplicate file checksum checking. 7 KindOne
2 way pseudo sync 10 prom85
Backup errors over Windows network to Rasperry Pi 3 (OSMC installed) 6 davidcom
Service error: window open on other user's desktop 2 wayt
Portable Version? 3 JMD4ever
How reliable is delta copying? 8 abc
Selective folder backup 3 prom85
copy new and changed files only to a new destination excluding the unchanged files 1 jarold143
bug? "Error: destination access denied" following reboots 3 sroot
Access Denied Funktion: MoveFileEx 4 Triumvirat
Scan Error Message 11 robcombs
Release 76 41 Alex Pankratov
Ignore folder rather than exclude 2 daniel.filipowicz
File creation time copied 4 mar
Performance of Bvckup over SMB 2 ryanborstelmann
Keeping older versions of files 1 bluenova
WORRIED LOSING FILES 1 mousaalramadan
WNetAddConnection2() failed with 1312 8 Obi-Wan-YJ
GUI Backup Job - Description error with name using & 3 MWorthington
Archive and restore 6 beethoven
Network Backup 3 wilsonmfw
Simplify Backup Jobs with Destination Filters 13 MWorthington
Show sub-folder exclusions 6 MWorthington
What to Backup, Rules & Exclusions etc 3 MWorthington
New backup jobs not saved, log Error Message, can't run concurrently 10 MWorthington
"start minimized" off + "minimize on close" on = starts minimized 3 nod5
Any way to add delay after detected change? 5 112233
Backup settings 12 MWorthington
Start minimized ignored on windows login 4 rez

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