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Remote Agent for Destination File Hash Computing, etc. 11 justbackmeup
Continuous Backups 1 rrosenwald
ProcessReparsePoint() failed with 68 1 JordiGaspar
How to suppress "missed backup" alerts 7 Alex Pankratov
Application stopped 2 tevesr
Dynamically adjusting backup destination 4 Alex Pankratov
Wasabi 2 harrisc
Fastest safe settings 4 cwallis
Start Minimize option not working 10 Andreas
bvckup vs windows software RAID1 2 mastershakes
New License and existing beta file 1 beethoven
Username/password for network shares 23 Alex Pankratov
can it run a run backup when usb hdd inserted automatically ? 4 mihai
"Destination access denied" 1 nhuk
Copying open files 12 Alex Pankratov
Exclude file type in all subfolders of a specified folder 3 rjohns1138
Bvckup 2 configuration files 5 Alex Pankratov
Deltas folder is growing massive in size 12 soylent
"Couldn't open the log file on behalf of the user interface process" 4 blair003
How to use Last Modified Filter 2 ScottD
Where is the Backup Job configuration file(s) located? 3 mattslay
Jobs' Progress Indicators 3 Doequer
Out Of Disk Space Error - Do you have to restart the backup? 2 zalsc23
Beta Release 26 16 Alex Pankratov
ProcessRparsePoint() failed with 9000e01a 2 STBOUK
Is Bvckup 2 Case Sensitive? 2 MWorthington
Speed/Read/Write limiter 10 simenson4
Blocking system reboots when there are active backups 21 Alex Pankratov
recently changed files only? 21 tomfrogger
Shadow copying is not supported for clustered file shares (v78.18) 7 phistrom
Desktop mode and Service mode 5 Alex Pankratov
Preparing the backup taking forever 1 pplante19
Canceling 'Updating folder information' 2 pplante19
backup SQL database 1 j.koolen
Exclude/include pattern specification 15 Hooch
Running back-to-back "Bvckups" picks up additional files 6 galileo
v78.19 "Export configuration" 4 MWorthington
Release 78 26 Alex Pankratov
Any update on the verification feature? 3 cyrux
Suppressing file updates when a backup copy is newer than the source 0 Alex Pankratov
Easiest way to re-scan source/destination 6 ScottD-KMHA
Updates are a problem under 'Standard User' 1 Arbie
Does the latest release of Bvckup 2 support Windows XP? 1 classic
v78.12 update causing continuous scanning of sources 16 BD
I can't get Post-backup command to work 8 XeidiDent
Blog v2 3 Alex Pankratov
Global Exclusion 4 jondw1970
CreateDirectory() failed with 267 10 andreahm
Several failures 4 wlie
Cannot get exclude folders to work 7 Brendan

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