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Backup grouping -- coming up in R75 24 Alex Pankratov
More schedule options? 9 genl
how can i change the number of threads ? 1 mihai
Backup failied with 161 4 TechnoMax
Error: destination file is in use ($bvckup2-timestamp-test.tmp) 5 DeadWalker
show time left for the whole backup 1 mihai
Windows indexing files generate sync errors 2 Magno
Large # files, need for speed... 4 dlenos
App Data/ local 1 franklinjosephs
How to NOT auto-rename "$Archive (Bvckup 2)" sub-files/folders? 5 ScottD-KMHA
can it run a run backup when usb hdd inserted automatically ? 3 mihai
Issue with Bitdefender. 1 Kilograms
Copying bvckup profile to another computer 2 nifty721
How to edit backup job's settings.ini file 0 Alex Pankratov
Cloning details of the top-level folder 0 Alex Pankratov
Keeps copying unchanged files 25 baconmessy
Parallel copying / the tech demo 39 Alex Pankratov
Backuping Changing Files 15 Doequer
Not seeing backups of changes files 3 Jynx
Restore backup? 6 Scoox
Portable use 13 Alex Pankratov
Backing up Network Drive to External Drive 1 CadillacRick
System drive backup solution 8 genl
FTP Support? 1 ryanbooker1
What's the best way to reset delta copy state? 3 Allen
Tongue Twister! 16 BvcDer
MoveFileEx() failed with 123 - essentially too long path 1 komarEX
Cannot uninstall 1 shahed
VeraCrypt container changes not detected 3 smallbrain
Email alerts and notifications 53 Alex Pankratov
Why another account is not licensed? 1 edwinkwok
Failed to set up real-time monitoring 4 trood1j
Where to download the profesional version 1 valph
Concurrent backups *only* to physically separate disks? 7 InsertRealName
Running As A Service 1 NARBS
How to replace folder modified dates 2 ScottD-KMHA
Windows 10 Creators Update: Failing to switch to service mode 2 aionas
Straight one-time migration mode 2 ScottD-KMHA
Archive backup copies and time setting 4 beethoven
Device I/O error 6 AlexT
Easiest way to re-scan source/destination 4 ScottD-KMHA
Specifying a NIC card to use for backing up 1 4Runner
Copying open files 10 Alex Pankratov
Multithread 2 Bomba
A Better Way To Scan A Remote 4 NARBS
Dreaded Error 59 4 ikonik
Specific Files' Changes Detection 4 Doequer
Compressed backups 6 Alex Pankratov
Exclusion pattern 2 desdinova
NtSetSecurityObject() failed with c000005a 6 NARBS

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