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Professional file backup and replication software for Windows.

Product overview

Light and compact, with fast bulk copying, very fast delta updating, shadow copying support, storage device tracking, flexible scheduler, email alerts, clean and eloquent user interface, excellent logging, desktop and service modes and robust support of very large backups with millions of files and terabytes of data.

Suitable for one-time, recurrent and real-time data replication to/from local or network storage devices. Can also be used as an archiving backup, keeping past copies of modified and deleted files.

Product status

In active development, with first production release in mid 2014.

Installation base spans customers from over 80 countries around the world, covering whole spectrum of setups from massive enterprise deployments to simple personal installations.

Press kit

Download here - includes screenshots, logotypes and program icons.


Technologically sophisticated software with simple and refined user interface built around functional minimalist aesthetics.

Written the standards typically employed in development of always-on system software with a strong focus on using lean and fast code, low resource consumption and close hardware integration.


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